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Know what you are saving for and how much you need to save

A financial goal calculator that tells you how much to save per month



An app that can be added to your phone's home screen


Helps you know exactly how much to set aside per month to achieve your goals


A subscription tracker as a bonus, tells you in which category your money is spent

What you get?


Retirement Corpus Calculator

1. Add current expenses and find out how much to save per month.

2. Quick and Easy to calculate.

3. No more analysis paralysis


Other Financial Goals Calc

Calculate how much you need to save to attain any other financial goal:
1. buying a house
2. child's education
3. marriage
4. vacation
5. dream fund


Subscription App

An app to calculate your subscriptions

What to expect?

You get an explainer video and links to the apps within 24 hours of buying the calculator.

You get a bonus subscription calculator free.

Explainer 1

A blog post that explains how to use the calculator

Sample Screenshot

Video showing how to use the calculator


Subscription App

Track Your Subscriptions for Free

  • Add items

  • Categorize them

  • Know Your Spend Per Category

  • Cancel if you don't need

Sample Screenshot

What does it contain?

โœ… Get a help guide to get started
โœ… Get 7% off if you buy now
โœ… Get an app to track your subscriptions as a bonus; free of cost with this calculator

Financial Goals Calculator


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